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Briefing by the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster

Minister Jeff Radebe briefed the media on 25 June 2012 on progress made by the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster against its core eight outputs

Some of the highlights include the following:

Output 1: Reduce the overall levels of serious crimes and in particular, contact crimes

Crime levels in the first quarter of 2012 have come down compared to the same period last year. Contact crimes reduced by 1.2%

Output 2: An effective Criminal Justice System – Transformation of the Justice System

A Solicitor-General will be appointed to head up the State Legal Services, which will be responsible for the implementation of the State’s civil litigation policy and strategy. The introduction of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms for civil cases will contribute to addressing the backlog in civil cases in the legal system. A task team has been established to investigate the resuscitation of the Sexual Offences Court in a bid to contribute to fining lasting solutions to the challenge of sexual violence in South Africa. This step, together with the re-introduction of family violence, child protection and sexual offences units will result in the delivery of better protection and prosecution of sexual offences.

Output 4: Perceptions of crime among population managed and improved

There has been a 5% increase in the public’s appreciation of government’s track record in reducing crime levels.

Output 7: Integrity of identity and status of citizens and residents secured

Since the launch of the National Population Registration Campaign (NPR) in 2010 the registration of births within 30 days has increased from 445,853 to 556,762; 264 hospitals, clinics and health care facilities have been connected to the Department of Home Affairs to allow immediate registration of births and another 88 are visited regularly by the Department. Another 80 hospitals will be connected this year.

Late birth registrations have increased dramatically, thus further closing the documentation gap. New regulations with severe penalties aimed at curbing late birth registration will be introduced this year.


Click here to view the Cluster’s briefing document.