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Advocacy Aid services

Advocacy Aid offers professional support in the following areas:

  • research and policy analysis
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • strategic planning, development and training
  • writing and editing
  • developing materials and media.

Research and policy analysis

  • We conduct literature reviews, policy reviews and primary research.
  • We develop policy documents and publications. This service includes analytical reviews of policies, legislation and regulations, the development of policy frameworks, and the preparation of written and oral submissions as well as policy, legislative and case briefs.

Clients include UNCIEF, MIET Africa, ODAC, POWA, Save the Children Sweden, ODI, Oxfam and the HSRC.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • We monitor and evaluate the implementation of policies, interventions and programmes.
  • We monitor and evaulate how effective organisations are in achieving their objectives.
  • We make systemic and programmatic recommendations on the basis of our findings.

Clients include the Umtata Child Abuse Resource Centre, the Faculty of Law at UWC, UNICEF and ODAC.

Strategic planning, development and training

  • We provide support for organisational development – our specialist focus is on assisting networks, alliances and coalition structures to reach their full communications and advocacy potential.
  • We facilitate the development of strategic plans.
  • We support the implementation of advocacy strategies.
  • We develop advocacy materials such as submissions and other representations.
  • We provide advocacy training and facilitate advocacy workshops.
  • We offer project management and support, which includes coordinating and facilitating workshops, conferences and rountable meetings.
  • We provide training in writing for the media.

Clients include ODAC, MIET Africa, Save the Children Sweden and Umtata Child Abuse Resource Centre.

Writing and editing

  • Organisational writing.
  • Technical content-editing.
  • Proofreading and copyediting.
  • Advanced editing (comprehensive rewriting, publication formatting).
  • Academic articles, books, theses and dissertations. 

Clients include REPSSI, POWA, the Children's Institute, and the journal Law, Democracy and Development.

Developing materials and media

We develop a host of materials and media. The work which goes into this includes:

  • conducting original research and interviews to generate usable content
  • writing and editing text
  • document formatting and visual design
  • print production
  • printing and delivery.

Literacy and materials development:

  • fact sheets
  • training manuals
  • posters
  • literacy comics.

Communication and information services:

  • newsletters
  • plain-language documents
  • annual reports
  • organisational, workshop and conference reports
  • editorials for the media
  • press releases.

Website development:

  • We specialise in designing, architecting and implementing Joomla! content management systems, an open-source technology suitable for content portals, online libraries, academic journals, promotional websites and intranets.
  • We provide website management, content updating and staff training in website operation.

Clients include the Faculty of Law at UWC, Economic Justice Network, the ECDLC and Save the Children.