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WHO and UNICEF show how to take ECD into health system

WHO and UNICEF have published a manual for the provision of early childhood development support to young children and their families through the health care system. The advocacy tool provides a package of material under the heading, “Care for Child Development: Improving the Care of Young Children”. It recognises that in most countries the health-care system reaches more young children and their families than any other service, and advocates for the use of the primary health care setting to ...

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Health Department unveils strategic plan for good CARMMA

The Department of Health has published South Africa’s National Strategic Plan for a Campaign on Accelerated Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality in Africa (CARMMA). CARMMA is an African Union initiative to promote and advocate for intensified development and implementation of initiatives by Member States to reduce maternal and child mortality. ...

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Health department reports on district clinical specialist teams

The Department of Health has embarked on a process of strengthening the health system which focuses on the implementation of an effective Primary Health Care (PHC) approach in order, inter alia, to reduce maternal and child mortality rates. One of the core elements of the PHC approach is the introduction of District based Clinical Specialist Teams (DCSTs). ...

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